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Beryl Cook

The Peaceable Kingdom

Anyone for a Whipping?

Dancing The Black Bottom - Official Collectors Edition

The Last Gasp - Official Collectors Edition

Drinkies - Official Collectors Edition

Dirty Dancing

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15 Facts abouts Beryl Cook

An English artist, Also a visionary who look at the world in a different angle. To see the humorous side of the world and the people behaviour. She had been nominated for many awards because of her paintings, And she had been considered as a celebrity of that era. She is well know for commercial paintings, Since she drew most of the paints about people enjoying, Partying and other sorts of gatherings. She was not consider as a perfect artist in talented pencil drawing, But for the angle she looked at the world, through her paintings. Beryl Frances Tansley became “Beryl cook” After she wedded with her childhood friend John Cook. He was also her one of the neighbours around her childhood home in Reading, England. John cook was an officer in the Merchant Navy and after he left the sea in 1956, they bought a pub for a year before John took a job in Southern Rhodesia with a motor company.

Start point of her painting career was an accident. She wanted her son to start expressing him self through drawings. So she bought him a box of water colors and asked him to draw things he sees, Mean time she wanted to to show him how to do it and suddenly she realized that she is too enjoying the drawing arts. At the beginning she barely drew recognizable pictures, But with the time being she started drawing people and and their behaviors. And Beryl cook returned to UK in 1964 with her husband and started a new business which was a boarding house.

Though they run a new business she never gave upo drawing. It was already made a part of her life. It was more than hobby. She enjoyed a lot by drawing people. Then she started drawing new paintings and mounted them on the walls of their boarding house. It was very joyful thing for her to do. Beryl cooks paintings always passed a message and most of the time her painting pass people humor and the society behaviors.
Berly cook painting for sale – She made her first sale in her career by selling few of her paintings to one of her friend for ten pound each. It was a huge motivation for her, Considering the value of the money in that era. But her sole intention was not to draw arts for sale, it was her passion to draw arts

With the time being she drew lots of pictures and there were enough people to like them. And suddenly she was able to get noticed by the famous artist “Bernard Samuels” in Plymouth art center. And she was gifted by motivating her to do her first ever fine art exhibition featuring 75 artwork and paintings by beryl cook. And she was able to sell most of them. So her motivation reach the peak with that move.

Beryl cook paintings and artworks – New papers start publishing articles about her artworks and her skillful eye to see the world in a different way. Sunday times was the first to publish an article and she started getting famous all around the UK for her artwork. And she did few more exhibitions in that era and she was able to establish her self as a reputed fine artist.

With this spotlight she was able to get the attraction of fine art sellers in UK to sell her artwork through various media. She was quite happy to draw not just for the money but for her happiness. Once she quoted that “People say I am the best artist in the UK, But I draw art just to make me self happy”.

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Serigraph, Lithograph, A Bathroom, A Bird in the Hand, The Baron Entertains, Big Olives / Little Olives, Bryant Park, Chartiers, Cocktails for Three, Cruising, Dancing Class, Dancing on the QE2, Dining Out, Dustbinmen, Gare du Nord, Girls in Taxi, Jackpot, Ladies Night, Lunch in the Gardens, The Manipulators, My Fur Coat, Nathans, Nude on a Leopardskin, Panto Dane, Percy at the Fridge, Russian Tea Room, Satin Dresses, The Staircase, Tango, Tango Busking, Taxi, Tenerife Days, Tennis, Twins, Women Running, Roulette

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